A tight one to call with all three players having won one event each this year, so we may need to look at the head to head records for the best clues.

Scott Edwards has the best win % record today – he’s won half the matches he’s played but only a third of his tie breaks.

Mervyn King competes in only his third event this year. He won his first event on 9th July recovering from a shaky start but finished third last time out winning only one match. That said, his head to head stats with today’s opponents would give him the edge here.

Craig Newton’s form has been up and down and despite winning only 10 of his 31 matches he did string some form together to take an event back on 25th June. It’s worth noting though, that his tie break record though is the best on view today.

Head to Head

Newton 0 Edwards 0

Edwards 1 King 7

King 3 Newton 1

Grand Prix Bowls 2019 Played Won Lost Win % Event Wins
Scott Edwards 34 17 17 50 1
Mervyn King 9 4 5 44 1
Craig Newton 31 10 21 32 1


Tie Break Records Won Lost Win %
Craig Newton 7 8 47%
Mervyn King 2 3 40%
Scott Edwards 5 10 33%


Game                                      Prediction

Newton v Edwards                 Edwards

Edwards v King                       Edwards

King v Newton                        King

Edwards v Newton                 Newton

King v Edwards                       King

Newton v King                        King