Penny Strong makes a quick reappearance having lost in the final of last weeks Grand Prix against clubmate Billy Jackson. She’s shown solid form this year and won her first event. She has a 60% win record and may take all the beating.

Jonathan West won his opening event and may well give Strong most to do. He meets both opponents for the first time today. He’ll be boosted by his opening success and I fancy he could be the answer today.

Local man Sam Ashton failed to make the final of his opening event, failing to win at all with his red bowls. Can he make amends today?


Head to Head

STRONG          0          WEST               0

WEST               0          ASHTON          0

ASHTON          0          STRONG          2



Player Pld Won Lost Win % Event Wins W L W L
Penny Strong 10 6 4 60 1 4 1 2 3
Jonathan West 5 3 2 60 1 1 1 2 1
Sam Ashton 4 1 3 25   0 2 1 1


Match Predictions:   

Match                                     Prediction

STRONG  v       WEST               WEST

WEST   v          ASHTON          WEST

ASHTON v STRONG                 STRONG

WEST v STRONG                     STRONG

ASHTON v WEST                     ASHTON

STRONG v ASJTON                  ASHTON